Feb. 7th, 2004 12:05 am
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From [ profile] lennongirl
LOTR survey with lots of hobbit questions and far too little Elf questions..

1. Elijah's eyes or Billy's eyes: Billy, because he’s so funny and sweet.
2. Dom or Billy: Billy, most definitely!
3. Viggo or Orlando: Ah. Orlando..
4. Elijah or Sean Astin: Pfff....Elijah for the way he looks at the end of ROTK
5. Dom's smile or Billy's smile: Billeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh...
6. (Frodo & Sam) or (Merry & Pippin: Merry and Pippin for the fun bits.
7. Legolas or Aragorn: LEGOLAS
8. FOTR, TTT or ROTK (movie): Why is this so difficult!! Erm TTT is somehow special to me. It has the most Leggy moments.. I’d say it has a slight advantage. But only a little. Love them all equally much.
9. FOTR, TTT or ROTK (book): ROTK
10. Hobbit feet or elf ears: Elf ears, guh!
11. Elves, hobbits, or dwarves: Elves.
12. Rivendell, Mirkwood or Lothlorien: Rivendell, beautiful! But only if Leggy is there *gg* otherwise Mirkwood.
13. Gandalf or Saruman: Gandalf.
14. Arwen, Galadriel, Rosie or Eowyn: Eowyn, she ‘s cool.
15. Nazgul or The Ents: Ents
16. Into The West, May It Be or Steward Of Gondor: Into The West. *sobs*
17. Gollum or Grima: Gollum.
18. King Theoden or Denethor: King Theoden.
19. Minas Tirith or Minas Morgul: Minas Tirith.
20. FOTR commentary or TTT commentary: FOtR, Priceless Lembas commercial for one.
21. Elijah's butt or Dom's butt: Elijah.
22. Haldir or Elrond: Haldir
23. Eomer or Faramir: Faramir, my hero.YES!
24. Gondor or Rohan: Rohan Gondor Rohan.. mmm Rohan wild and rugged.
25. (Aragorn & Arwen) or (Eowyn & Faramir): Eowyn and Faramir , deserved more screentime definitely!!

And one Leggy to top things off *gg*


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